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I think I’ve solved the problem I was having with Ableton the other day. I fired it up and created a quick, throwaway track using just built in sounds and exported that. On trying to open the resulting WAV file in Audacity, it failed to play. However, I tried again after closing Ableton down and it worked just fine. I was subsequently also able to render the track I was working on the other day, too.

What is going on? My guess is that Ableton somehow hogs the audio interface. There might be some workaround but it does now mean I’ve got a way to work in Ableton and get the results out. Of course, the next thing is to decide if I want to commit to it. When I used Ableton before, I fairly quickly hit the limitations of the Lite version and upgraded to the standard version. That was version 9 though and one of the reasons I stopped using it was that I didn’t want to fork over more cash when version 10 came out. It is now up to 11 and I don’t want to get caught again.

I think my next step might instead be to spend a little time to properly evaluate Reaper. If I can do half the things I take for granted with Logic, then I’ll benefit from a slow upgrade path (regular updates but a $60 purchase will work for a long time) and the fact that it fully crosses over all the platforms I’m likely to use (I’m not sure I want to buy a new Mac just to run Logic). We’ll see. One thing at time…

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