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Clearing Progress

I’m gradually making progress on clearing the bulk of the weeds from the plot:

Weed Clearing - Thursday 19 May
Today’s progress

Roughly speaking, I’ve got about half the plot cleared, quarter cleared down to a ‘low fuzz’ and about quarter still to tackle (although I have picked out anything that looked like it was about to go to seed from that section). I don’t need to get everything out as I’m planning on adopting a no dig approach, covering the ground with newspaper or cardboard to cut off all light and then piling a good quantity of compost on top to plant into. That will kill off many weeds but I do want to get established, deeply rooted ones out which might otherwise have the energy to thrust up through whatever I plant on top.

It is quite painstaking work. I know some allotmenteers just go at it with a rotavator. However, it does mean I’m getting to know the ground well. It seems reasonably decent soil and there’s nothing particularly pernicious that I’ve come across so far in terms of weeds or pests. There are plenty of things like ladybirds, ladybird larvae and ground beetles that I am happy to play host to. I’ve also found a few bonus crops hiding among the weeds – so far a red onion, what looks to be a couple of shallots and a garlic plant.

By the time I’ve done a few more sessions, I should have a clearer plan for how I want to lay things out and be ready to push on further.

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