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Easy Microwave Homemade Treats


A few months ago, I won this book from LibraryThing. I say won but perhaps scare quotes would be available. I “won” something that cost me a little time and gained me nothing new. I don’t like to give a bad review for an inoffensive book but I’d have to file this under ‘D’ for disappointing. What I’d hoped for was something that would have given a bit of background on the recipes and a bit of insight into the peculiarities of cooking sweet things with a microwave.

I don’t think this does the job. I got a better illustrated and more informative collection of twenty recipes by typing “easy microwave homemade treats” into a search engine.

I enjoy cookery books but this is just a folder of twenty scribbled recipes where you are left to guess at what added value microwaves bring to it. “Melt all dry ingredients and vanilla”? If I’m not even going to get a hint of how to do it safely in a microwave, I might as well just make it up myself.