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Golden George Bottled


I decided that my Golden George brew was ready to bottle today — about a week later than I had originally expected. I wonder if that was a result of the different fermenting vessel? I used my new Speidel container rather than fermenting in the large brewing pot I’ve been using for a few years now. The Speidel has less head room, less surface area and a better seal to the outside world, which could mean the CO2 produced by the fermenting yeast more rapidly closed off access to atmospheric oxygen.

Having got down to 1.006 today, well below the target of 1.010 (and the reading of 1.014 I took last week), it was time to bottle. The Speidel made it easier to take samples and easier to do the bottling. I got ten decent bottles out of the tap and another 3 that are on the cloudy side and which I’ll aim to use as my early samples.

I could easily have fitted another litre or two inside. Next time I might use boiled water dosed with brewing sugar to bring me in closer to the original target gravity. Alternatively, I could set up a grain bill for a higher volume of water and then reintroduce it later in the mashing and boiling. I’ll need to get some more pale malt before I experiment although, with the ambient temperature now often resting above my nominal target of 17°C, that might be one to wait until the autumn.