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After extended deliberation, I’ve gone ahead and purchased a licence for Reaper. I’ve already got Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software in the form of Logic Pro but that only runs on Macs and I’m not sure my trusty MacBook is going to last for another eight years. I like Logic and know it well but I want to learn more about Reaper as well so that I’m not forced into paying the ‘Apple tax’. Anyway, each piece of software will have strengths and weaknesses so it won’t hurt to get another DAW under my belt.

Today’s task was chopping up a rehearsal recording into individual files. Reaper isn’t quite as pretty as Logic (I can probably do a bit more to customise that) but it worked well, particularly after I figured out how to set a shortcut to quickly pick colours for the rehearsal segments I wanted to keep. I do particularly like that, when you export the files (‘render’ in Reaperese) you get feedback on the maximum volume and overall LUF values for each one – indeed, watching the batch go through prompted me to stop and go back to drop in a compressor and EQ because I spotted that I had more headroom than needed.

I still anticipate using Logic for some things (I don’t think there is a free replacement for its excellent software ‘drummer’ feature) but I’ll try to learn how to cover much of the same ground in Reaper and also explore some of the unique things, like being able to script common tasks.