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Touch button speed


Not long after getting my Skoda Fabia, I mentioned that I was enjoying the speed limiter function. Several years on, I’m still enjoying it. I’ve not been particularly focused on ‘hypermiling’ (trying to maximise fuel efficiency) but I like the assistance it gives in sticking to a constant speed.

My two main use cases are picking the speed I want to go and, if I’m trying to overtake somebody going just a bit slower, I’ll inch up the maximum speed so that I get past them without taking too long before dropping back down to my original speed once I’ve pulled back in.

It is also very handy for those sections where lower speed limits are temporarily in place. If the road is fairly clearly, I can work it down and the car won’t accelerate anymore until my actual speed is down to the new limit. Should the road be busier, I can also brake to reduce the speed and then tap the control once I get to where I want to set a new limit.

It still remains one of my favourite features and I wonder if I’ll get a car in future with full on cruise control?