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Another vote

We didn’t have local elections in my area in May so I didn’t have the opportunity to express my views on the Prime Minister which many pundits touted them as. Mind you, I think that is a very flawed view of what local elections are for. Even in a General Election, you are not asked to express an opinion on the person ‘at the top’ but on the choice of constituency candidates.

I’ve just seen the news that, this evening, Conservative MPs will be called on to cast their ballots about whether they have confidence in Mr Johnson. That is a decision about his future in the role as Prime Minister and I’ve sent off a quick email to my MP asking her to vote against him.

There are questions about who could possibly replace him. I’m inclined to think that a spotty-faced kid on work experience couldn’t do much worse. Indeed, they possibly could do a lot better – a diligent one would be concerned to do things properly. Johnson has a long record of ill-guarded comments, bending and breaking rules and, where he can, attempting to rewrite them in his favour. The question is not “will Mr Johnson help us to hold onto power a bit longer” but “is he a suitable person to continue in a position that demands the utmost responsibility”.

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