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This afternoon my friend Kev and I came almost to the end of a project we’ve been working on for the most venerable member of our church congregation. She has gas and water pipes on the side of her house which were insulated and boxed in with painted plywood. Unfortunately, the original design left side surfaces exposed and created places water could potentially sit and soak in. As as result, the plywood was rapidly degrading and a fix was needed.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been stripping out the rotten wood and replacing it with plastic trim. Part of me hates the idea of introducing more plastic into the world but it will provide a maintenance free result for a decent number of years to come, making it a worthwhile win in this case. We have also introduced a few tweaks to the design, with angles on the upper surfaces and some overhangs on the lower ones to prevent standing water and provide routes for it to drip safely onto the ground below.

All that remains now is to take a final visit and apply some final beads of sealant to finish the job. I’m still not keen on plastics as a whole but, if I need to use them, this has given me a crash course in the essentials I need to know.

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