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Pushing Up


In today’s tuba practise, I managed to play a piece that goes up as high as the G at the top of the bass clef (or G3, using the nomenclature based on an 88 key piano). I haven’t yet tried a full chromatic scale across my range but I can also get down to B♭1 (or a little below although, like the top end, that is still a bit shaky).

I can push up a little higher. B♭3 is within reach but the next two steps on the overtone series (D♭4 and E♭4) are probably pushing a bit far for now. Still, if I can consolidate the B♭1 – G3 range for now and perhaps work towards reasonable confidence up to B♭3, I’ll have a solid foundation for unleashing it on the Training Band next term. I’ll also need to work on speed (today’s piece was descriptively called Andante but we also have a Presto in the pad), dynamics and articulations but I think I’ve reached the point where my focus needs to be ‘strengthen’ rather than ‘stretch’.