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Wednesday 5 August 2020
by Wulf

The Doors

We got our first set of sliding wardrobe doors up this afternoon – only slightly complicated by discovering that we didn’t have the instructions for the slow-closing kit and that it has changed a bit since the version we bought. … Continue reading

Friday 17 July 2020
by Wulf
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Wardrobe Wrangling

The new house came with three floor to ceiling IKEA wardrobe units… which filled up half the box room. I think that’s going to become my music cubby hole (low noise levels and not directly adjoining the neighbours) so we’re … Continue reading

Thursday 14 May 2020
by Wulf
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A Hack at Stake…

We’re surrounded by dogs. That is to say, the neighbours on either side both have dogs. On one side is Monty, who sometimes barks a bit but soon settles down. Although a fence panel came down a couple of months … Continue reading

Monday 3 February 2020
by Wulf
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Two fingers

I’ve been looking for a couple of what I think might be called ‘rubber tap extenders’ – essentially, rubber tubes that can fit on the end of a faucet and carry the water a bit further as the taps in … Continue reading