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Friday 21 May 2021
by Wulf
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Spring Trap

The way we discovered the rat invasion I wrote about earlier this month was when Jane opened the draw where I kept my brewing malt. It was a big pack, only partially broken into at one end, and, now that … Continue reading

Sunday 25 April 2021
by Wulf
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Afelia Again

I had a friend pop round to the garden yesterday afternoon and, as he left, he inquired what I was cooking for dinner. “A failure?”, he asked when I told him. I’m not sure how it is pronounced in Cyprus, … Continue reading

Sunday 11 April 2021
by Wulf
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Things in a Hole

Today’s dinner was a British classic, toad in the hole: No toads are harmed in the making of this dish which, at it’s most basic, is simply sausage baked in a batter. As you can see from the photo above, … Continue reading

Tuesday 6 April 2021
by Wulf
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Feels Like January

This morning was bright and sunny. It wasn’t particularly warm but it at least looked spring-like. Now we’re back to overcast and there are even a few flakes of snow in the air. Brrr…. Still, if it feels like January, … Continue reading