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Saturday 31 October 2020
by Wulf
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Time to Prepare

Yesterday I commented on the news that my local area was due to go up to Tier 2 and noted that a wider lockdown wouldn’t surprise me. Am I influential? This morning, the news is full of reports that Johnson … Continue reading

Wednesday 29 July 2020
by Wulf
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The problem of the last mile

Saturday evening’s announcement that, from the early hours of the following day, all travellers arriving in the UK from Spanish territories, would have to self-isolate left many surprised and more dismayed. We can’t accuse the Government of acting slowly or … Continue reading

Wednesday 13 May 2020
by Wulf
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Content and Delivery

Boris Johnson’s address the the nation on Sunday evening has not found wide-spread approbation across the nation. Some commentators have focused on the mud-like clarity of the new directives but others have dug into deeper causes for concern around the … Continue reading