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Thursday 29 September 2016
by Wulf
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When in a hole

When in a hole, don’t dig, goes the aphorism. It came to mind when I was reading George Monbiot’s latest column, “No fracking, drilling or digging: it’s the only way to save life on earth” (The Guardian, 27 September 2016). … Continue reading

Sunday 21 July 2013
by Wulf
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Nature Walk

This week marks the 30th anniversary of Christian environmental charity A Rocha. Our church, St Clement’s, has a link through some friends of ours who are part of the congregation and so we marked this with a picnic and a … Continue reading

Wednesday 19 October 2011
by Wulf
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A Change of Scenery

I spotted an interesting post from New Scientist today, entitled “Himalayas could become the Saudi Arabia of solar”. Apparently the combination of generally clear skies, high altitude and low temperature make such mountain ranges ideal places for arrays of solar … Continue reading

Wednesday 13 October 2010
by Wulf
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Eating Skippy

There is an interesting article on the New Scientist site today which explore the idea that kangeroo is a more environmentally sustainable meat for Australians than cows or sheep. They consume less food and much less water than the regular … Continue reading