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Sunday 29 August 2010
by Wulf
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Delicious Index

One of the blogging habits that I have maintained consistently for several years is bookmarking my posts with my delicious.com account. This was a relatively straightforward way of providing a searchable, tagged index of my work and much more useful … Continue reading

Friday 18 January 2008
by Wulf
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Select by Instrumentation – III

Just one quick thought following yesterday’s post. It has little to do with the idea of selecting albums by instrumentation but does relate to tagging and Flickr’s The Commons project. What is lacking there is the ability to weigh up … Continue reading

Wednesday 19 July 2006
by Wulf
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Green Tags

Every now and then I’ll be surfing round the web and see something that catches my eye and makes me start to ponder how I might incorporate a similar idea into my own web space. It is not stealing; it … Continue reading