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Friday 4 February 2022
by Wulf
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Cleats for Coats

I’ve had a bit of a DIY day although I still haven’t got beyond a bit of physical conceptualisation (okay, holding things up in situ without making holes) on the project I first had in mind. The trouble was that, … Continue reading

Saturday 29 January 2022
by Wulf
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Hanging Coats

This weekend, I’ve managed to get my latest set of French cleats up in the entrance hall and to create a number of coat hangers to put up on them. The lovely thing about doing this instead of putting hooks … Continue reading

Friday 1 October 2021
by Wulf
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Shed Day

I’ve spent a fair amount of today in the shed, working on various DIY tasks. Firstly, I finished off a tiny task, creating an end-cap to replace a missing one I spotted on one of our raised beds. External wood … Continue reading

Friday 27 November 2020
by Wulf
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French Cleats

My labours in the shed have started. The first task is implementing a system known as ‘french cleats’. A long board is cut along its length with the cut running at 45° down from the front to the back. The … Continue reading