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Saturday 18 March 2017
by Wulf
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Bottling Day

After a few days, the yeast will have converted so much sugar to alcohol that it can’t carry on working any more. At this point, the gravity reading will stop falling and the beer is ready to bottle. If working … Continue reading

Friday 17 March 2017
by Wulf
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Fermenting Day

So the wort is cooled to room temperature. Potentially you could store it like that for a long period, as long as there isn’t too much air floating round in there but you probably want to get on with turning … Continue reading

Thursday 16 March 2017
by Wulf
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Mash Day

Working on Brew-in-a-Bag principles, the first big day is when you ‘mash’ your grains in hot water and then boil the resulting wort with hops. This is the day which is most like cookery and benefits from the kitchen approach … Continue reading