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Sunday 22 July 2018
by Wulf
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A Few Holes

My main activity this weekend has been acquiring and assembling an IKEA wardrobe in the room I grandly call my studio. It still isn’t quite finished but I’m ready for the final straight (mounting the sliding doors that I assembled … Continue reading

Saturday 4 August 2012
by Wulf
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I Should Learn Swedish…

Another trip to IKEA today. Fortunately they have a generous returns policy so I was able to take back a few things I got last time that we decided wouldn’t fit it and, inevitably, picked up a few more items … Continue reading

Saturday 14 July 2012
by Wulf
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Almost Done

Our kitchen project made another leap forward today with putting various shelves and the like up on the walls. The most ambitious work involved a little bit of IKEA hacking, turning a shelf made of six parallel metal rods into … Continue reading

Saturday 30 June 2012
by Wulf
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For the past couple of days, I have been mainly ikeaing; assembling the last bits of the order that came last weekend, going on a hunter-gatherer mission to Milton Keynes to pick up more and then back to assembly this … Continue reading

Friday 18 May 2012
by Wulf
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One Meatball

Most of today has been taken up with more work on our kitchen project: visiting a local design centre, secretly balking at the price, deciding to restrict ourselves to what is within our DIY limits and then undertaking another research … Continue reading