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Tuesday 29 June 2021
by Wulf
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Wasabi Ice Cream

Does that sound delicious? I wasn’t sure but it sounded interesting and with enough novelty value to make it worth picking up a small pot for when Magnus was staying last night. I wasn’t sure how they would go about … Continue reading

Saturday 17 October 2020
by Wulf
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My Goose is Almost Cooked

Quite literally – Jane and I picked up a frozen Hungarian goose from Lidl yesterday so that’s what we’re having for dinner tonight (and tomorrow, and Monday and probably for two or three days after that!) and, although I haven’t … Continue reading

Sunday 11 March 2012
by Wulf


Lidl is a funny sort of place to go grocery shopping; alongside the regular shelves of products they have aisles full of goods that change from week to week. Typically they provide a decent combination of low prices and reasonable … Continue reading