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Wednesday 6 September 2017
by Wulf
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I must apologise but did you know that if you say ‘gullible’ slowly it sounds like ‘oranges’? There, no matter how hard you tried to resist, you’ve probably got that thought wormed into your brain and it will come back … Continue reading

Wednesday 22 December 2010
by Wulf
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2010 in Music

I have been trying to guess how John figured out his analysis of where the music he has been listening to comes from (see “Last Time This Year“). Did he find an online mash-up to automagically figure it out or … Continue reading

Tuesday 23 November 2010
by Wulf

Book list

I did one of these things about three years ago (see Book Meme) but noticed the list below on a friend’s Facebook account yesterday. The list is supposed to have come from the BBC (I haven’t double checked the provenance … Continue reading