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Friday 14 February 2020
by Wulf
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Plant Extraction

It’s been a busy week! On Monday and Tuesday, I had music for events at church on my mind, along with an excellent time sitting down with Andrew, who is in a similar role at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough. Wednesday was … Continue reading

Tuesday 17 December 2019
by Wulf
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In another 180 or so miles of driving, my centre of gravity will be properly relocated to Loughborough rather than describing an eccentric orbit between there and Oxford. I’m looking forward to it but I’d better hit the sack – … Continue reading

Sunday 17 November 2013
by Wulf
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Moving In

I have decided to move in properly to my new webden home. Hopefully you will have found me from the old web-den, which is now themed in a dull grey with links from every post to the new site. If … Continue reading

Sunday 11 July 2010
by Wulf
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In a Box, Somewhere

The problem with moving is that you have a whole bunch of things that you know you brought with you but which remain in an unidentified box somewhere. I have been looking for our “ethernet over power” plugs. I saw … Continue reading