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Saturday 27 April 2013
by Wulf
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Scavenger Hunt

Out to South Park tonight with the St Clement’s Overflow youth. This is my favourite photo from my group’s scavenger hunt photos. It represents “camouflage” but reminds me, as someone of a slightly older generation, of the Monty Python motif, … Continue reading

Saturday 15 December 2012
by Wulf
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Full of Sugar…

I’m full of sugar now, having been helping at a party for the youth of our church. Fizzy drinks and Krispy Kreme donuts definitely leave a saccharine aftertaste in my mouth although, dietary considerations aside, it was great fun. It … Continue reading

Saturday 20 October 2012
by Wulf
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Sound FX

Tonight I am contributing a segment the Overflow youth evening at church involving some ideas inspired by 1980s TV Series The Adventure Game. As always I have been getting carried away with the details. Hopefully it will work in practice … Continue reading