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Tuesday 15 February 2022
by Wulf
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Glory Descends

I’m just waiting for the video I’ve been editing for Sunday’s online service to finish rendering. At a couple of points in the service, I’ve used the image above as an overlay layer. You might remember that I’ve posted about … Continue reading

Thursday 6 January 2022
by Wulf
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Inching towards completion

About four months ago, I posted the image above and discussed how I intended to do some digital overpainting to decide if I was going to make any more changes. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead, I bought some new paint, … Continue reading

Tuesday 30 June 2020
by Wulf
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Recognisably Human

For my last day of the 30x30directwatercolor2020 project I thought I’d try another self portrait: It is recognisably human (although with hints of Neanderthal and the Simpsons’ Springfield – d’oh!) but I think less recognisably me than my either my … Continue reading