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Monday 4 February 2019
by Wulf
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Snow More

Friday morning’s snow is, I’m glad to say, pretty much gone. All that remains are a few patches where the snow was piled up, such as on either side of my drive (I cleared the drive but needed to put … Continue reading

Saturday 2 February 2019
by Wulf
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Snow Day

Yesterday was a bit of a snow day. I’m glad to see that most of it has cleared up by today and it should continue warming up over the next week. Therefore, I’m glad I got a decent shot with … Continue reading

Friday 9 March 2018
by Wulf
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Snow Corner

A week ago… today it is just the much less bulky form of wetness! iPad photo with a little processing in The Gimp.

Sunday 4 March 2018
by Wulf
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Traces of Weather

Driving back up to Oxford today was interesting. Given the extreme weather at the end of last week, it was a blessedly straightforward journey, but what caught my attention was the varying amount of snow in different places. Some seemed … Continue reading

Thursday 1 March 2018
by Wulf
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Or, the neighbour of the beast. I’m down in Devon at the moment and, outside, the snow storms attributed to the ‘Beast from the East’ are making themselves known. The worst affected area in the region – subject of one … Continue reading

Monday 11 December 2017
by Wulf
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Snow and Light

Glancing out of the window late last night, it struck me how much a blanket of snow changes the way we see things. Much is obscured. Details like the division between pavement and road or path and plant bed become … Continue reading