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Sunday 4 October 2020
by Wulf
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Mixed Mode Meeting

Today was our church’s Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). Normally this would have happened at the end of March – the week after lockdown fell. It could be well past next March before things are back to normal, updated Diocesan … Continue reading

Friday 7 February 2020
by Wulf
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One of the challenges I’m working on in my new church is getting a suitable balance of volumes during the music. The layout of the church has the band in a kind of ‘shoebox’ that comes out of one of … Continue reading

Tuesday 8 October 2019
by Wulf
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Jingle Jangle

I recently realised that we were running a bit short of coat hangers so I bought a set online, which arrived today. These are black-finished aluminium and my first impression, as I put them in the wardrobe, was that they … Continue reading

Sunday 23 April 2017
by Wulf
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Playing on the Pink Trombone

I have to confess that I thought “playing on the pink trombone” sounded like a seedy euphemism it turns out to be a website that lets you explore how we produce sounds with our mouths and related systems. You can … Continue reading