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Friday 1 October 2021
by Wulf
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Shed Day

I’ve spent a fair amount of today in the shed, working on various DIY tasks. Firstly, I finished off a tiny task, creating an end-cap to replace a missing one I spotted on one of our raised beds. External wood … Continue reading

Friday 29 November 2019
by Wulf
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I was pondering what to post about tonight and then I spotted that my blog has an ‘uncategorized’ category. Curiosity caused me to have a look and it turned out there were just over ten postings from the last few … Continue reading

Saturday 6 October 2018
by Wulf
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Shifting Around

Lots of moving of furniture in my creative room this afternoon… and it still looks a bit of a mess. However, I think I’m on the cusp of achieving tidiness. A little more work tomorrow afternoon and I’ll see if … Continue reading

Friday 4 September 2015
by Wulf
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A Little Autumn Tidying

I must get my pictures of the garden from mid-August published soon but it is already looking different out there. Jane and spent part of the afternoon doing various tidying up round the place and it looks better for it. … Continue reading

Wednesday 19 December 2012
by Wulf
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A Few Hours Left

Just a few hours at work tomorrow and then I’m done for the rest of the year. I will be concentrating on tidying rather than anything major that could leave breakages in its wake so it should be a fairly … Continue reading