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Friday 5 April 2019
by Wulf
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Invisible Change

All being well, you will have noticed nothing but I’ve shifted my blog onto a new server. It isn’t something I’ve done for a while but it needs to happen from time to time when hosting on a system where … Continue reading

Tuesday 10 July 2018
by Wulf
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Look at Me!

A gleaning from my RSS feed reading today was a webdev tool called the Pingdom Website Speed Test, mentioned on Thomas LaRock‘s blog. You enter a website and a test location and the service reports on how long the page … Continue reading

Friday 1 December 2017
by Wulf
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Tiring Renewal

I discovered this morning that something had gone awry with one of the web servers at work. I’m not normally in on a Friday but was only a phone call away. The problem was related to SSL certificates, which I … Continue reading

Monday 24 April 2017
by Wulf
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The Line of Death

The Line of Death is a web design term, which refers to the areas of your browser which can be controlled by the owner of the server. Bits of the browser belong to your computer, like the buttons to close … Continue reading