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Friday 31 August 2018
by Wulf
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By Algorithm

An algorithm, boiled down to a simple summary, is a pattern for working out how to do things. It might sound like the kind of things you left behind last time you sat in a maths classroom but algorithms are … Continue reading

Tuesday 19 December 2017
by Wulf
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YouTube has been a transformational tool for learning things. Other video sharing services are available and also useful in that respect but YouTube is the one that has become generic. People ‘google’ to find things and often end up checking … Continue reading

Friday 24 December 2010
by Wulf

Christmas Mashup

In a Christmas mood yet? Improve your ‘elf with this video, where Rudolph meets The Police: It isn’t the whole of the Christmas message by a long stretch but, if all muzak were like this, I might become a fan!